Healing Climate Grief and Reclaiming Power for Action

This session offers participants the opportunity to notice and examine the range of emotions that they experience related to and resulting from the climate crisis, including grief, and the debilitating effects of carrying these unexpressed emotions.  Participants will be encouraged to heal these emotions and release individual thinking, energy, and initiative to engage in actions that help to solve the climate emergency.  

Unreleased, pent up feelings can damage humans in many ways. Unhealed grief, fear, and frustration tend to interrupt our initiative and dim our hope for the future. Unreleased painful feelings can drain our energy and interfere with our ability to bring our full intelligence to bear on the world around us. Emotional damage interferes with thinking well about what is to be done and acting appropriately and effectively—in this case, to end
environmental degradation.


We need opportunities to openly grieve about the damage being done to the Earth.

Attend Earth Day Live event, Tuesday, April 21, 1 pm EST:  https://zoom.us/j/8023173555?pwd=czFWTVIwTzFQbENma0RIdXRCaXR5UT09

Handout: Healing Climate Grief