Every four years, Re-Evaluation Counseling leaders from around the world meet to review our guidelines and goals. The goals help guide our way forward. They also promote action in areas that have been difficult to focus on but are important to our progress out of distress.

Below is the goal that was ratified at the Re-Evaluation Counseling World Conference of 2017:

That members of the RC Community become knowledgeable of the clear evidence of the continually growing damage to the environment and all life forms, especially the climate change resulting from the ever-rising temperatures caused by human activity.

That we face and discharge any distress that interferes with our finding sustainable solutions, including the ending of the oppressive and exploitative nature of our societies. That we decide, discharge, and act against any distress that inhibits us from determining immediate steps, as large and radical as necessary, to end this damage, and from organizing and agitating for their adoption by governments and industries.

That we do this work together with everyone, especially oppressed communities, which are currently experiencing the most damage from climate change.


In April 2019, the RC Communities increased the level of work on this goal by publishing the following initiative: 

The RC Community, recognizing the clear evidence of dangerous and ongoing climate change caused primarily by human activity, will face the challenge of finding and acting on ways to stop it.

We know that distress interferes with human rationality. We will support all RC Community members to discharge any distress that keeps them from playing any role in the struggle to preserve the world. In doing this, we will recognize the role that all oppressions have played in creating the climate crisis and the need to act against all oppressions to find solutions.

Doing what’s needed will require each of us to challenge the distress recordings that have left us feeling powerless and alone. In challenging them, we will learn how to move rapidly forward—together and with confidence—in our personal relationships and in public opposition to irrational policies.

We will assist each other to learn about and understand the current situation, including by getting involved with individuals, Indigenous peoples, and organizations that are working to stop climate change. This will provide us with direct knowledge and contradict distress recordings of isolation and helplessness.

We will also share our knowledge and practice, so that those who are working on climate change can function more effectively.

We will create opportunities for RC Community members to gather to discuss the situation, discharge, and develop new ideas, tactics, and strategies as quickly as possible.

Tim Jackins, April 2019

Photograph by Tim Jackins