SAL/UER Forums for Climate Week, September 21-27, 2020

At Sustaining All Life/United to End Racism forums, individuals speak to the group for three to four minutes about the impact of climate change on their people and their land, stories of hope and courage in activism, and more. These are important opportunities to hear directly from people already impacted by climate change and fellow activists. Periodically the flow of speakers is paused so the audience can exchange listening with one another in pairs and share their reactions, or tell their own story.

All forums are one and a half hours, followed by an optional one-hour support group.


Flyers and a registration page will be available soon, please check back.  


Personal Stories of Activism to Communicate Hope and Courage
Thursday, September 24, 10 am EDT / 14:00 UTC

We need stories of hope and courage to inspire and unite us, and so many are never reported in the media. This “open forum” welcomes activists to share personal stories of activism that communicate hope and courage. Listening to one another’s experiences as activists is an important part of building our movement. More information ➤

Women, Girls, and Climate Justice
Thursday, September 24, 1 pm EDT / 17:00 UTC

Interpreted into Kikuyu and Spanish

The voices and leadership of women are key in the fight for climate justice. The climate emergency disproportionately impacts women, and sexism, racism, and classism multiply the impact. Women’s intelligence and understanding of the importance of relationships need to be at the center of climate solutions. More information ➤

Young People Leading on the Climate Emergency
Friday, September 25, 10 am EDT / 14:00 UTC

Young people are playing leading roles in our organizations and movements. Young activists will speak about their personal experiences and challenges as they organize against climate change and for climate justice. More information ➤

Building Resilient Movements to End the Climate Emergency
Friday, September 25, 4 pm EDT / 20:00 UTC
Interpreted into Spanish and French

e who have been involved in social movements have been and continue to be a powerful force for social change. We know how to fight systems of oppression. We have also experienced interpersonal conflict and internalized oppression. Ending the climate emergency requires we have united, resilient movements. More information ➤

Young People at the Forefront of the Climate Movement
Saturday, September 26, 10 am EDT / 14:00 UTC

Young People are a revolutionary force and have been at the forefront of many important social movements, including the climate movement today. The lack of respect for young people’s thinking and leadership abilities can mean that the important abilities we have to offer are underutilized.
More information ➤

War and Climate Change
Saturday, September 26, 1 pm EDT / 17:00 UTC

Modern warfare has unleashed unprecedented environ-mental havoc in addition to tremendous loss of life. War is used as a tool of oppression and genocide to install the dominant culture and to take control of land and resources. The climate emergency cannot be resolved without ending war.
More information ➤

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