Sustaining All Life / United to End Racism


These handouts and pamphlets describe topics addressed in the work of Sustaining All Life and United to End Racism, projects of the Re-Evaluation Counseling Community.  

A Call to Unity
Addressing Classism
Anti-Semitism: Why Is It Everyone's Concern?
Building a Strong Climate Movement
Catholics and Climate Change
Climate Emergency and Women
Disability and Climate Change
Healing Our Climate Grief
How to Begin RC
Including Disabled People in the Climate Movement
Indigenous People and the Environment
Introductory Class
Jews and the Climate Emergency
Labour - Working Together for Unity
Listening Circles
Mental Health Oppression and the Climate
Parents and Climate Change
South, Central, and West Asians and Climate
Subversive Catwalk
Supporting Indigenous Leadership
Supporting Young People's Activism
Sustaining All Life Pamphlet
Sustaining Ourselves as Activists
The Climate Crisis and War
The Role of The U.S.
The Role of White People
Tools for Climate Organizing
Tools for Ending Racism
Young People and the Climate
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