Sustaining All Life & United to End Racism

at Climate Week 

September 21-27, 2020

Sustaining All Life (SAL) and United to End Racism (UER) are international grassroots organizations working to end the climate emergency within the context of ending all divisions among people.  


SAL/UER is participating in Climate Week, September 21-27, a week of international climate events happening online. We will present many interactive workshops and forums that address barriers to resolving the climate emergency.  


Our events will also show participants how to exchange effective listening to free themselves from the emotional and mental harm resulting from oppression and other hurtful experiences—harm that can interfere with thinking about and responding effectively to the climate crisis. 

Click on images below to see the events and information we are offering or view full schedule:



Interactive workshops use the art of listening to look at the intersection of climate change with racism, young people, war, women, and more.

Each workshop is followed by a 1-hour optional support group.



Activists of all ages from around the world will speak about the impact of climate change on their people, their work, and stories of hope and courage in activism.

Classes & Support Groups

Introductory classes to the work of SAL/UER and support groups after each event where you can learn more about tools of active listening to share your feelings and support others in the fight to tackle the climate emergency.



Information about using the tools of listening to work for unity, end oppression, and tackle the climate emergency together.


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