Sustaining All Life/United to End Racism (SAL/UER)

Classes and Support Groups

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Introductory Classes


SAL/UER offers online introductory classes in Re-evaluation Counseling. Participants get a fuller look at the natural healing abilities of the human mind and how attentive listening and emotional release can heal us from past hurts and the individual impact of oppression. It is a participatory class. Students have many opportunities to pair up with others for listening exchanges in which they share their struggles and successes and listen to those of others.


Support Groups


The following online support groups (listening circles) have been meeting monthly since Climate Week in September 2020. Each participant has an equal amount of time to be listened to (and listen to others in the group) with people from a similar background, heritage, or geography.

Africans (English-speaking)

Africans (French-speaking)

Australia/New Zealand



Latin Americans (Spanish)

Latin Americans under thirty (Spanish)


Pacific Islanders

South Asians

South/Central/West Asians

United Kingdom (people of color)

United Kingdom (white)

United States (people of color)

United States (white)

Women of color

Women (white)


Contact for information on how to join a class or support group.