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Reclaiming Connection, Backing Frontline Leadership: Listening Tools for White Climate Activists

Wednesdays, July 8, 15, 22, 29
5 - 7  PM West Coast USA time (check your time zone)

Led by Cameron Hubbe, Chris Selig, Jonah Lee, and Margaret Butler.


Racism, genocide, and other oppressions are getting in the way of a united climate justice movement. We are making progress but still struggle with these divisions.  This interactive series introduces listening tools we can use to move against racism and to support each other as we take steps to broaden our movement, and to help each other improve our ability to form good working relationships across divisions of “race” and other oppressions.  


To register or inquire, please email Margaret at, or text 503-351-4192.

Handout on Ending Racism